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Jacqueline Yamin - Artist

One of a Kind Dolls

Animal Portraits

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Jacki Yamin - Artist


Jacki Yamin is a versatile artist who creates one-of-a-kind works in a variety of media.  For example, she makes sculpted art dolls, some of which are realistic while others are more fanciful.  As a photographer, she portrays nature, capturing birds in flight and other wildlife in their natural environment.  She also paints, using oils or acrylics, and favors realism, interpreting the world and its inhabitants.  As a dancer and costume designer, she combined textures and colors that twirled and sparkled under stage lights. For her, art is always an experiment, ever-changing and evolving.

The Dolls

The development of each doll is the result of skills learned over a lifetime.  Each piece reflects her artistic skills and imagination.  They combine formal training in art as well as a knowledge and love of world cultures developed through study and enhanced by travel. 

Each doll has its own personality and energy.  Each is unique, sculpted from Super Sculpey and hand painted with acrylics and with a costume that is influenced by Jacki’s years as an international folkloric dancer.   Her love of "all that sparkles" is reflected in many of the doll’s costumes.

 In creating each doll, Jacki may start with a general idea or she may allow the clay to dictate the character.  Each stage of the doll's creation is fluid, always changing as it is created.  The structures of the dolls vary.  Some are full-bodied with internal wire structures; others are soft-bodied.  In other instances, the doll may only have an upper body structure with a flowing gown to create the illusion of a full body.

Jacki's dolls have appeared in Washington’s Zenith Gallery Humor Show and its "Time Out For a Laugh" Humor Show.  She has exhibited in the Artomatic show in Washington, D.C., and several shows at the Art League of Ocean City, MD. Her dolls have also been sold in many fine craft shops in Maryland and West Virginia.  Jacki has also been commissioned to create dolls that caricature a business’s partners as a gift for an important anniversary and ethnic dolls (in full cultural costuming) to commemorate family celebrations and cultural events.  

Have one you'd like created? Yes, she can also create dolls to your specifications upon request.


 Dog and Animal Portraits

Over the years, Jacki has captured the personalities of her former and current pets in oil paintings. She has also been commissioned by others to memorialize loved pets. She paints realistic portraits, many with backgrounds of vibrant colors.

In addition to pet portraits, she challenges herself to paint other animals, such as feathered friends and large farm animals.

Have one you’d like painted? Yes, she can be commissioned to paint your favorite pets.

 Spreading wings

Spreading wings


(coming soon)

Jacki Yamin has been taking photographs for over 40 years. In recent years, her focus has turned toward the natural environment. A favorite subject are the birds and other creatures on the Eastern shore in Delaware.

 Curious Bird

Curious Bird

 Flying Free

Flying Free

 Frogs Black and White

Frogs Black and White

 Blue sunset

Blue sunset